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Expertises and skills


BSPK expertise

BSPK’s field of expertise is not restrictive and covers in particular :

  • Diagnostics of companies and organizations,

  • Strategic advice,

  • Accompanying the transmission,

  • Coaching of Managers,

  • Team-building & Workshops,

  • Interim Management,

  • Due Diligence.


Quality relationships

BSPK attaches the utmost importance to establishing relationships of proximity,
availability, confidentiality and quality with its clients.

Their sectors of activity and businesses are:

  • Construction, Building Industry, Real-Estate,

  • Facility Management, Security, Alarms,

  • Mass Distribution & Retail,

  • Restaurants and hotels,

  • Automotive industry and distribution,

  • Periodical press and communication agencies,

  • Pharmaceutical and Para-medical Industry,

  • Insurance brokers and companies, Banks,

  • Jewelry, Watchmaking, Luxury Industry,

  • Stand, exhibition and exhibition designers,

  • Travel agencies, leisure and sports activities,

  • Metallurgical industry and recycling,

  • Printing, packaging,

  • Renewable energy sources,

  • Air, road and maritime transport​,

  • ... 

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