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  • The BSPK's team of 20 experts and consultants is made up of seniors.

  • They regularly act as advisors or board members.

  • They have held management positions in international companies and industries.

  • Some of our BSPK experts are university professors and/or cooperate with engineering and business schools.

  • They have all been trained in the 5P & BSPK© methodology and focus on developing effective and sustainable change actions.

  • Our consultants intervene in the Benelux and beyond in front of management committees of national and multinational companies.

  • For more than 15 years, BSPK has specialized in change management. It is a renowned independent consultancy based in Luxembourg and active both locally and internationally. Our assignments have taken us to the following countries: Austria, Germany, Monaco, Italy, Russia, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, ...

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